Vision (n.) an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.

Vision / Revision is a collection of popular remixes and unreleased versions of our song re-envisioned by artists we love.

Vision Vision by Loyal Divide from Bodice Ripper

San Fran based producer R/D leaves crowds entranced, nearly basking in the radiance of his sound, audiences are swallowed up in his vibrant melodies, pounding beats, and zealous dedication to the craft.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (R/D -Remix)

White Horse
WHITE HORSE is the moniker of Ben Chisholm, (producer, engineer & full-time member of Chelsea Wolfe). His solo work brings the voices of the dead new life. This song sounds like zombie romance.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (White Horse -Remix)

Sub Swara
Sub Swara creates, constructs, produces and plays genre-bending bass music that parallels the diversity of their home town of Brooklyn, NY.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (Sub Swara -Remix)

Chicago hip-hop staple BBU first joined forces with Loyal Divide when we backed them live at North Coast Music Festival last summer. Their revision is for the ordinary. "Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (ft. BBU)

DJ Quik
A new DJ Quik X LD track may now be Compton's most wanted. This track is from the Pitchfork.TV Selector Mixtape.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (ft. DJ Quik)

Derek VanScoten (D.V.S*)
Derek VanScoten (D.V.S*) is a Brooklyn based producer who creates that elevated feeling in the listener’s chest with his guitar-soaked experimental dance beats. Rock on.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (D.V.S. -Remix)

Check out this track from our Chicago homie, Shawn Rosenblatt aka Netherfriends. He used the stems for part 3 of his Netherfriends does Baraka project. Crazy visuals seen here.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (Netherfriends Remix)

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We have no clue who Bellamy973 is, but this dude (who we suspect to be from Jersey) has had us threatening to burn each other in the eyeballs with black n milds for months now. He paints an awesome picture of how to get back at yo lady.
"Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (Bellamy973 -Remix)

Chris Crack
Chris Crack of Chicago's New Deal Crew can kill a few samples...including this one. He ends his verse with 'Don't copy,' and in turn sets the bar high for any future (re)vision submissions while simultaneously calling all you weak fools the f*ck out. "Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (ChrisCrack / New Deal Crew -Remix)

Gucci Mane
OK not really Gucci Man but a "Wasted Vision" mashup by vindaloo from DC. If you like this one, check out his take on Vision Vision with City Paper & OJ da Juiceman "Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (Gucci Mane Mashup by vindaloo)

Self Help
DJ Self Help puts his cartoon spin on Vision Vision. This song makes us debate which to do first: dance or stare at the wall with the moving colors on it. Either way is a win. Oh- plus he's from Columbus...Hell ya. "Vision Vision" - Loyal Divide (Self Help Remix)